Our team

Our team consists of a Highly motivated group of MTG enthusiast, who created this platform after trying to sell some surplus MTG cards they had to fund even more Cardboard Crack.

After exhausting their LGS and play groups for trades, selling became the best option. But once they had the gold, there was a distinct lack of available cards in Australia. Places in America seemed the only place to go.

So with a distinct Ozzie determination and pride, Magic.Markets was born.

For Australia's Large MTG population to use to further expand their own collections or just to get some much needed cash fast.

Fast shipping times means you will have that deck of your dreams in days rather than weeks from America!

Buy and sell with confidence Person to Person, just like trading at your LGS but on a much larger scale!

Need to contact us direct?

[email protected]

Open Business hours AEST ( Plus a few more, we will always try to get back to you as urgently as we can :) )